Living Room Design for a Better Feng Shui

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Feng shui is a design feature that many people choose to use in their homes. The idea is to create balanced rooms that have energy and nourishment for the people who live in the house. When a room is not arranged using feng shui it has negative energy, which can negatively affect the lives of the people who are in the room. Those who believe in feng shui have plenty of advice when it comes to decorating a living room to abide by the rules of feng shui so that everyone’s home has good, positive energy.

To have a feng shui living room, the room must convey its purpose. The living room is a room with many different purposes. It is used to entertain guests, to gather and spend time as a family, and to invite people in to discuss news and personal lives. Its overall purpose is that it is a room the entire family, and all their friends and family can enjoy. For this reason, the living room should be decorated with furniture and colours that everyone in the family feels are comfortable, inviting, and warm.

Placement of Furniture

The most important piece of furniture in the living room is the couch. Where people place their couch is very important. If the door is directly across from the window, the couch should not sit between the two because it blocks the good energy that both provide for the room. The back of the couch should always be to the wall, which is a sign of protection. Do not back up a couch to a window; it is bad for energy. Other pieces of furniture used for seating should be placed near the couch in a semi-circular arrangement. This is a great way to promote conversation and togetherness for families.

The television should be placed in a cabinet where doors can hide it when it is not in use. Televisions are not actually good for feng shui, but most people choose to have them anyway. If a room has a fireplace, it should be the centre of focus. Family photographs, mirrors, and lighting are great accent pieces in living rooms. Each one has positive energy. Lighting should be placed in all dark corners so that the entire room can be lit when it is dark to produce good energy.

Furthermore, clutter is not good for feng shui. Anything in the living room that does not belong in the living room should be removed immediately and placed in its correct space to promote good energy. The living room should be as free of clutter and disorganization as possible to help balance the energy in the room and make it a warm and inviting place.


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